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Created for the benefit of Canadian farmers.

This web site allows you to prepay for container disposal fees that domestically are already included in the price of the Canadian product.  This web site was developed by grower groups including the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Canadian Horticultural Council, Pulse Canada, Grain Growers of Canada and the Canadian Canola Growers Association.  It was developed to help individual farmers meet the environmental stewardship requirements for importing pesticides under the Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) program.

Your participation on this site is optional. The website was developed by grower groups so that you have the option of using the site and thereby conveniently proving that you paid for potential container disposal fees. It is up to you to determine whether you need to use the site at all (some container types may not require a container disposal fee). It is also up to you to decide whether or not you wish to use the website or choose a different method of demonstrating that you have your own container disposal plan.

If you do use the transaction process on the site, all fees are non-refundable except in cases where you are denied a permit by PMRA.

2 steps to using the site for your GROU application:

● Step 1 - Prepay for your container disposal fees on this web site:

This web site allows you to prepay for container disposal fees.  You will get a receipt number.  This number will prove you have taken care of container disposal issues when you apply to PMRA for your GROU Importation Permit.

● Step 2 - Go to PMRA's web site and print off a GROU import certificate:

You will use the receipt number from Step 1 to prove that you have taken care of the environmental issues surrounding container disposal.

● Step 3 - Dispose of empty containers:

Empty containers of products imported under GROU must be disposed of in a manner consistent with existing container recycling programs for registered pest control products.  At the time of application, growers will be required to demonstrate their participation in an acceptable container disposal program.  CropLife Canada's Stewardship First program has been identified as an acceptable program for GROU.

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