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Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) Program

The Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) program allows farmers to import the U.S. version of the Canadian registered products.  The GROU products must be purchased and imported by growers for their own use on their land, and for that growing season only.

The five products include early-and late-season uses for growers throughout Canada.  Three of these products (Touchdown, Banvel II and Roundup Weathermax) have significant fall uses in a wide range of agricultural commodities including cereals, pulses, canola, soybeans, corn, and potatoes for preharvest application and weed burndown.  These products are eligible for importation and use during the 2007 growing season.  The growing season is based on product label information.  The remaining products are widely used herbicides with very broad applications that will be of use to growers in many different commodity sectors next spring.

  • What is the process for submitting new candidate products for importation under the GROU program?

A GROU nomination committee has been formed and is working on selecting candidate products for consideration in the 2008 program.  The committee comprises the Grain Growers of Canada, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Canadian Horticultural Council, Pulse Canada, and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.  Its purpose is to accurately represent the national interests of Canadian producers in selecting products for the GROU program.

The basis for including a product on the GROU eligibility list will be determined by the Committee.  Pricing information, potential use volumes, and competitiveness issues will be considered for each candidate.  Information regarding newly-selected products will be made available on the website as products are identified.

Growers should discuss potential GROU-eligible products with their representative organizations.  The grower organizations will then share this information with other selection committee members when they meet to select new products.