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Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) Application

This form must be filled out so that PMRA can approve your application to import approved products from the U.S.  Completing the application process will provide verification that you have paid to have the containers you are importing disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.  If for some reason your application is not approved, your money will be refunded.

You will receive a confirmation of your application via the email address you provided below.

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Please enter in the number of litres (liquids) or # kg's (dry) for each product you want to bring into Canada.

The cost to import product into Canada is 15 cents per litre or 15 cents per kg for containers smaller than 23L (or 23 kg), 25 cents per Litre for containers greater than 23L, plus a $5.00 transaction fee (all funds are Cdn.)

Total # litres
(or kgs)
are importing for
containers smaller
than 23L (or 23kg)

Total # litres
(or kgs)
are importing for
containers greater
than 23L (or 23kg)


A-Rest Solution


Aatrex Liquid 480


Agri-Mek SC


Armezon Herbicide


Assail 70WP Insecticide


Assure II Herbicide


B-Nine WSG Plant Growth Regulator


Basagran Liquid Herbicide


Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator


Elevate 50-WDG Fungicide


FirstRate Herbicide WD


Lance WDG Fungicide


Princep Nine-T Herbicide


Pristine WG Fungicide


Pursuit 240


Pursuit Herbicde


Quadris Flowable Fungicide


Reflex Liquid Herbicide


Reglone Desiccant


Ridomil Gold 480 SL Fungicide


Roundup WeatherMAX


SePRO A-Rest Solution


SUMAGIC Plant Growth Regulator


Switch 62.5 WG Fungicide


Tattoo Fungicide


Upbeet Herbicide Dry Flowable 50%


Velpar L Herbicide



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